Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leinster final.. Meath V Louth

Hey, anyone want to tell me what they thought of this for a Leinster final. I went to the County club in Dunshaughlin to get some photographs for the paper and sat to watch the game with a friend. I suppose after the game against Dublin, some of us were expecting a bit of a game, tho I know the Meath / Dub game was not a true reflection of the abilities of either teams.. Have to say that I was a bit, no, very disappointed with the whole thing.. Time after time Meath lost possession from the kick out at midfield, Thankfully Louth didn't capitalise on this. I watched a poor ref make a bad game worse, and was delighted to see Meath go in three points up at halftime. Seventeen minutes into the second half, Meath picked up their first score of that half, the Meath forwards never scored, and while it looked like Louth were going to lift the cup with a minimum point margin, by some stroke of luck??? or whatever it was, the ball ended up in the Louth net, with Joe Sheridan sitting beside it. One umpire was enough to convince the ref that the goal should count, I guess the other umpires opinion didn't count. I cant help but think that a penalty might have been a good decision prior to the goal. And well, there is no excuse for attacking a referee, no matter how bad he or she may have been. What happened there was criminal, and people should be accountable for their actions here. They wouldn't get away with it on the street, or in a pub on a Saturday night. As far as a replay is concerned, well you can forget about that.. Ask the French! I still got some cracking photos and you will be able to see them on my site soon.. Anyway, well done Meath, and I really really mean that

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ooooh my head

Today I am nursing a wee bit of a hangover.. Results of an overcelebrated birthday party... I didnt do a lot of work today. Thats the downside of alcohol, thankfully I dont use it much.. Im feelin very lasy and I have to do a shoot tonight.. We should have more sense, well I should anyhow

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My birthday

I went to carricmacross yesterday (19th Jan 10 ) to meet up with some very dear friends.. We had top quality steaks, cooked by my friend Xavier, who is a top quality chef, and produced a meal fit for a king. We had a Glass of wine, some black forest and a few pints of Guinness. Thats what I call a treat. You cant put a price on good friends nowadays, they are as rare as hens teeth. Ta for the pressy guys, I will be consumed with unadulterated pleasure.....................................J

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whats new in 2110

Whats new in 2110 I ask myself... Well for a start,, This blog is new, in fact this is the first time that I have ever attempted to create a blog.. AND today (19th Jan 2110) is also my birthday, so this in a way is a brand new year in my lifetime. I now have 49 years behind me. Some good, some not so good, all though have been quite memorable for one reason or another. I started the payments on my new car today so thats good "I think". This blogging is not easy, is it? so if anyone wants to get in touch to give me a few hints on what I should actually be doing and saying here, this woud be greatly appreciated.
As this is my first time here ( A blog virgin so to speak ) perhaps I should tell yo a little about myself. I live in Navan which is in Co.Meath in Ireland. I am a photographer with a great interest in Art and the Arts... My favorite painters are Rembrant and Monet, I love their use of light and the simplicity in their work. Architecture has great appeal to me and I am a great follower of Art Nouveau, hence a recent trip to Brussels. The Chech Artist, Alphonse Maria Mucha who lived through the turn of the 20th centuary and died in 1939 was most famous for his images of women and his advertising and his designs, all of which I find intrigueing. In my own work as a photographer I like to release the true character of the subjects I work with, I do this by first getting to know my client intimately. I use this word with a great deal of licence, ( so no letters please ) I like to travel a lot an go nowhere without my cameras. It is my ambition to travel to all the beautiful cities of Europe to do my own photo documentation of them all. I may need to live till im 110... I have a project which I spent sixteen months prepairing. I have named it " Cotroversy " and the work consists of a group of images depicting scenes of a very controversial nature. Homelessness, drug abuse, prostitution etc. Too many people turn a blind eye to all of this and pretend that it does not exist. Meanwhile, those who suffer continue to do so.. This collection of image has not been published yet and it is my intention and desire to exhibit them in a galley, firstly in Dublin ( when I find someone who will take them ) and then see where I will go from there... Im gonna have to go now cos I am getting a lot of flak on my facebook,, Birthday wishes etc, so I beter reply to them... Anyone want to get in touch, feel free, id love to hear from ye and will reply to deserving contacts... Chat soon